Item collection a84d147e 79a7 44fd a2a0 faf45ff353c7

Suncatcher Jeweled Dragonfly 3-D


Item collection 60466aa6 98f9 4666 8e3a 27b1b19d22ba

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Sun Catcher, Pink Swarovski Crystals, Rally for a Cure


Item collection 93f167af d9f9 4b65 8996 85139be6968c

Sun Catcher Christmas Tree Fun


Item collection aba139b1 c061 4a2b b14f 2f621a9b6fa5

Twisted Hearts Sun Catcher


Item collection 0aa1e86d ea15 426d a486 a434bf2cc6cd

Saguaro Cactus Sun Catcher Green Swarovski Crystals


Item collection 816aaf91 d999 4d96 8493 25d86ab33ade

Crystal and Blue Peacock Dangle Earrings from Dancing Rainbows


Item collection cad2deba bee7 4908 918b 9fb393e357f2

Vino Fun Grape Cluster Earrings


Item collection a2cb3aaa 0c2b 492d 9ba7 71cc2b261c8c

Black Ice Swarovski Dangle Earrings


Item collection e7b9dfa5 e158 468e 8a1e 732e954695a0

Sunken Treasure Necklace by Dancing Rainbows


Item collection 16588d4c dec0 4595 aa15 01938f82122a

Key to my Heart Necklace


Item collection fa989c1b 1649 4f68 a22f 37d51b8445c8

Crystal Icicle Earrings with Swarovski Crystals from Dancing Rainbows


Item collection 86f39b34 7e90 459d b364 1507051a383e

Lovebirds Wedding Necklace


Item collection e78dd79e 2357 44a3 bbfb f1d5c536ecbf

Spring Bride Sparkle Swarovski and Sterling Earrings


Item collection b1b3cdd7 91b1 48c3 93f2 18661afbe951

Arizona Sunset Sun Catcher


Item collection 827ece6c c573 446c 8e86 21ae872e4f2d

Crystal Saguaro Sun Catcher


Item collection 4023549 original

Crystal Sun Catcher - Endless Rainbow


Item collection 0b706e3a 8cd1 4439 b21f 0cc574548c54

Crystal Moonlight Rainbows Sun Catcher


Item collection 6937773 original

Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher Truly, Madly, Deeply


Item collection 77fb9a50 f028 480e 98a3 bc765f99fbd5

Sun Catcher Flower of Spring


Item collection c9209a3a 764d 43f0 803a 5e77eb24d9f6

Crystal Suncatcher Valentine Hearts


Item collection dc9075fa cc43 4f6c 8069 a331f1e991d1

Unlock My Heart Sun Catcher


Item collection f8d88118 a194 424b 8416 4ce9574b9766

Majestic Green Swallowtail Butterfly Wing Earrings


Item collection 8fe963dd d09f 4c3c 850e 2ad0c7139b26

Monarch Butterfly Wing Earrings


Item collection 1d6e1231 2fd0 4227 baed e0f35091934d

Green Iridescent Pearl and Copper Dangle Earrings


Item collection 500ae84f 6f99 4fac 83e2 1ac53f72e9ac

Earrings Red Teardrop and Sterling-Silver Chain


Item collection e4d14d84 d319 4faf 8dc3 c874b26da0d9

Necklace Sliding Heart


Item collection 57c483b4 1f9d 4190 9420 dc8521794438

say...I Love You Necklace, Swarovski Red Crystal Heart


Item collection 7168820 original

Earrings Chained Hearts


Item collection 2372d3e0 4e04 48a1 bcd4 2719022f649e

White Heart Sun Catcher


Item collection 00b7c5cc a172 499f afa8 305479a51938

Sun Catcher Catch a Falling Star


Item collection 4871d18a 0db8 4b4e 87c0 9d0ee9359325

Earrings Copper and Ice


Item collection 19776485 489a 4591 bce9 5b44178fbe94

Earrings Rainbow Dots


Item collection 6e2c96b1 b47a 4b6e b663 46fb5eeeefe4

Sun Catcher Happy Sun


Item collection 7c9e2abd d3c3 4625 94ed 1914dd46611a

Sun Catcher Retro Fall Colors


Item collection 78f970e8 6dc7 4648 a4ea ef494a525bcf

Sun Catcher Sand and Sea


Item collection bb67ea13 e0bf 4dc2 b184 a69e4c449ac1

Sun Catcher Hummingbird


Item collection d3a3c6cf 6787 4795 96d8 9126cb76643a

Sun Catcher Dragonfly


Item collection 41b08be5 8460 4266 b326 5ee419290da6

Sun Catcher Snowflake and Ice


Item collection 7518b9de 53e5 4b30 a663 8c346ab598a9

Turquoise and Butterfly Necklace


Item collection 68f7768d f568 458a 8e71 71db7a13963c

Copper Butterfly and Swarovski Turquoise Earrings


Item collection 7563953 original

Luna Moth Necklace


Item collection 7493212 original

Coral and Pearl Necklace


Item collection 7493486 original

Pearl and Coral Earrings


Item collection 31085ece 8817 4ef7 9b86 10d34b427598

Disco Ball Sun Catcher


Item collection 62b6fba4 5bd0 42d8 b1c8 c8184cee8882

Spring Medley Sun Catcher


Item collection 245a7a49 f9f6 4dab 9591 16895ce7ce7b

Polymer Clay Ice Cream Jewelry Dish


Item collection babaad07 69c3 4e7a a2c2 f8723427de3a

Polymer Clay Dragonfly Jewelry Dish


Item collection 73d10248 88f5 4a95 9b4b d356103a836f

Polymer Clay Sun Face Jewelry Dish


Item collection b9afbe79 fd0f 489c b8f9 41ad11d7af43

Polymer Clay Hibiscus Jewelry Dish


Item collection 317f58ba da20 4834 9101 9a9deaf51698

Ever Changing Mood Necklace


Item collection d78121b4 dd67 48fc a95f b920f4b655d0

Blackberry and Crystal Earrings


Item collection a622ba80 7991 470f b70e 3c51f3b6c63f

Filigree Sparkle Flower Earrings


Item collection b6b1d436 590b 4463 a321 6aa850b8d118

Retro Mood Earrings


Item collection 6935517 original

Bookmark Sweethearts with Furnace Glass Hearts


Item collection 6933227 original

Purse Jewelry and Zipper Pull Sweethearts with Furnace Glass Heart beads


Item collection 3307435 original

Sun Catcher Valentine Angel


Item collection 6910262 original

Earrings Love is in the Air with Sterling Silver Heart earwires and Swarovski crystals


Item collection 3448464 original

Sun Catcher - Radiant Rainbows


Item collection 8a1d3519 5807 449f a7ac 71c98ba91ef3

Sun Catcher ☼"Sparklers"☼ - Silver Heart


Item collection 3f520d17 1912 409d b27d 3240c90bf10d

Ice Crystals Chandelier Sun Catcher


Sun Catchers, Jewelry, Crystal Decorations, Earrings, Necklaces, Swarovski

Dancing Rainbows creates Sparkling Sun Catchers and Jewelry using primarily Swarovski crystals.
I love the way Ribbons of Rainbow colors magically dance around the room...I hope you will too.
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