Item collection 8c5e09cd aa62 4b0c a63b 56f57e5adfa1

Suncatcher Lucky Charm


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Item collection 3567339 original

Sun Catcher Blue Ice


Item collection 2406618 original

Sun Catcher - "Cotton Candy"


Item collection 702094dc 6beb 4b2c a3cd 7e8e87f643a8

Sun Catcher - Satin Hearts


Item collection 3295982 original

Sun Catcher - "Sweet Baby Girl"


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Item collection 2297310 original

Sun Catcher..."Little Black Dress"


Item collection 5df9d5a0 3796 4910 8474 4ec6099ce2fc

Sun Catcher - "Cherry Cola"


Item collection 383f9acb 6ac3 4598 85cc 37702b60aefe

Sun Catcher - "Tangerine"


Item collection 2773720 original

Sun Catcher - "Peaches & Cream"


Item collection 3301069 original

Sun Catcher - "Sweet Baby Boy"


Item collection 9d03821c 6c4a 4200 9184 c44e0f7bb6b5

Custom Design for Taipei American School Colors Suncatcher


Item collection 14634038 d935 4be3 960f 2c4592f08c4c

Sun Catcher - Stars and Stripes


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Item collection 3333623 original

Sun Catcher "Tuxedo Junction"


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Item collection 2817385 original

Sun Catcher - "Snow Capped Mountain"


Item collection 399148d9 989d 49a2 b75a ff36d0901ecf

Sun Catcher - January Birthstone Angel


Item collection 4c2d98b8 90d8 416f afa8 ff023ee1cf3b

Sun Catcher - February Birthstone Angel


Item collection 1966330 original

Sun Catcher - March Birthstone Angel


Item collection d2c25508 3dd9 40d0 b9c0 b39ac18cc1af

Sun Catcher April Birthstone Angel


Item collection 2063793 original

Sun Catcher - May Birthstone Angel


Item collection 1338183 original

Sun Catcher - June Birthstone Angel


Item collection 1338172 original

Sun Catcher - July Birthstone Angel


Item collection 1338191 original

Sun Catcher - August Birthstone Angel


Item collection 1185747 original

Sun Catcher - September Birthstone Angel


Item collection 2840043 original

Sun Catcher - October Birthstone Angel


Item collection 1352033 original

Sun Catcher - November Birthstone Angel


Item collection 0bb46ad0 4ff7 4b29 9023 6c856ba6c467

Sun Catcher - December Birthstone Angel


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Sun Catcher EEK BATS !


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Item collection 4fd7e205 6d8a 4dae b08b b2671818e55e

Sun Catcher Scarecrow


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Item collection 7609ee31 d4b6 4665 982f 0b53890dd3be

Sun Catcher Superstitious???


Item collection 2007038 original

Sun Catcher ☼"Sparklers"☼ - Christmas


Item collection 3048706 original

Sun Catcher Mini - ☼Sparkler☼ -"Lime Zest"


Item collection 3045108 original

Sun Catcher Mini - ☼Sparkler☼ -"Blue Ice"


Sun Catchers, Jewelry, Crystal Decorations, Earrings, Necklaces, Swarovski

Dancing Rainbows creates Sparkling Sun Catchers and Jewelry using primarily Swarovski crystals.
I love the way Ribbons of Rainbow colors magically dance around the room...I hope you will too.
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Would you like something Special? Please contact me. Together, let's create something just for you...Uniquely You.