Item collection 3f520d17 1912 409d b27d 3240c90bf10d

Ice Crystals Chandelier Sun Catcher


Item collection f7e52962 cb29 492f adda 65e0d4b5c622

Magical Suncatcher


Item collection bf8c3b17 0b93 493f 9ca4 57494dbc86ae

Sun Catcher - A Taste of the Islands


Item collection 431c092c e285 4a33 a29f 827d276aeefd

Lucky Shamrock Sun Catcher


Item collection 13c1c816 bf63 4d7f 9643 e5ccba1535cf

Patriotic Sun Catcher


Item collection 5dd5b139 b9f4 4ffd a50b 9c6c3120aa79

Connected Sparkle Sun Catcher


Item collection 562b3f30 2024 4acf 8c26 69b83d06feaa

Polymer Clay Caterpillar Jewelry Dish


Item collection ca1e7c77 35bf 4e1e b10e ea11176cacab

Polymer Clay Butterfly Jewelry Dish


Item collection 9449f86c 3f59 4902 85e7 fb98ebc4c69f

Polymer Clay Turtle Jewelry Dish


Item collection 5433540f 71d5 4d3a 9610 ce150f1d9c73

Polymer Clay Golf Jewelry Dish


Item collection 7a27fc8b 1cb5 48cc bffd 3009c67d62f4

Polymer Clay The World Jewelry Dish


Item collection 5e729846 0413 483d 8ef9 7a45fadb8713

Polymer Clay Ladybug Jewelry Dish


Item collection 531a197c 9b2b 44e6 b1da 8a4b02b5218d

Sun Catcher A Night At The Opera


Item collection 2764798 original

Sun Catcher Sun Flower


Item collection ac843452 d98d 43b3 8025 98f3b7637aab

Capricorn Zodiac Sun Catcher


Item collection a6a72c44 877d 442e b468 aca1322c79f8

Aquarius Zodiac Sun Catcher


Item collection 852613c5 6014 4caf b9e2 8eb2bdeba1ec

Pisces Zodiac Sun Catcher


Item collection 2c171a0a 019c 4271 8c1c 945a26088255

Aries Zodiac Sun Catcher


Item collection 0a65d8b2 9223 4695 87f9 43bec3e7cd25

Taurus Zodiac Sun Catcher


Item collection c080e480 d28b 4efa bb87 1c513f557e40

Gemini Zodiac Sun Catcher


Item collection e9d47234 0850 4d79 aeb5 ccf50ad35d6c

Cancer Zodiac Sun Catcher


Item collection 52d4737e 57f1 405f adf4 c67603a2263c

Leo Zodiac Sun Catcher


Item collection 4cd32cc6 2879 421d b0bc bcd7c4d213ce

Virgo Zodiac Sun Catcher


Item collection cbb740a3 8c43 4641 92bd fea756ee0796

Libra Zodiac Sun Catcher


Item collection 390bcee7 0a5b 4491 b558 45ae98d95ed6

Scorpio Zodiac Sun Catcher


Item collection cdab88a8 f544 48c1 bd01 6d47b2135fe6

Sagittarius Zodiac Sun Catcher


Item collection c27cfbb0 15c4 408e 86fe 9faf80ffdb0f

Jellybean Earrings


Item collection 6995261 original

Sandals and Sand Dollar Charm Earrings


Item collection 7054206 original

Chain Earrings Metal Mania


Item collection c6642589 db4c 4499 8539 d607353afb1a

Earrings Autumn Leaves


Item collection 048ff42a 20ce 4b2c 88d9 9eb6f48ea3ea

Autumn Sparkle Sun Catcher


Item collection 2773723 original

Sun Catcher - "Pistachio Ice Cream"


Item collection f9c653a0 9a18 4bd3 9e36 95fd821f64f9

Sun Catcher - "Turquoise Butterfly"


Item collection 64b1a835 82cc 460c b1c3 74f133339b26

Sun Catcher Balloon Festival


Item collection da4c27a2 d014 4be4 bd52 91857ecb1002

Sun Catcher Cranberries and Holly with Swarovski Crystals


Item collection f848de21 21a0 44a4 8761 e5a4c8e8b8d5

Sun Catcher Cascade of Stars


Item collection 4f0f0ecb 8073 481e 8e8a 415ef2dd9516

Sun Catcher Sleigh Bells Ring


Item collection 3333616 original

Sun Catcher Poinsettia Flower


Item collection 2814181 original

Sun Catcher "Smooth Sailing"


Item collection 9e06f317 03e5 4e16 bf80 f3466093d1d9

Sun Catcher - "Stormy Days"


Item collection cdf84b4d 4e37 4df7 934a 1ebd8565d98a

Sun Catcher - Butterscotch Candy


Item collection 7a0dd8e7 b0fc 4f96 aba8 238d2a9b7ba8

Sun Catcher - "Bengal Tiger"


Item collection b94b1078 4a53 4946 9b50 a0281671c99b

Sun Catcher - "Return to Oz"


Item collection ea9609cc 59f6 4373 8460 44fc62f6aaca

Sun Catcher Irish Luck


Item collection 9d74a9c5 665c 46eb a6ef ab0b2de290c7

Sun Catcher - Mint Chocolate Chip


Item collection 8c5e09cd aa62 4b0c a63b 56f57e5adfa1

Suncatcher Lucky Charm


On Sale
Item collection 3567339 original

Sun Catcher Blue Ice


Item collection 2406618 original

Sun Catcher - "Cotton Candy"


Item collection 702094dc 6beb 4b2c a3cd 7e8e87f643a8

Sun Catcher - Satin Hearts


Item collection 3295982 original

Sun Catcher - "Sweet Baby Girl"


Item collection 6171821 original

Rose Gold and Black Earrings with Swarovski Crystals


Item collection 5796363 original

Earrings - Golden Crystal and Copper


Item collection 1567423a d9b8 470b a7f4 e1bea43fe3f3

Copper Crystal Earrings


Item collection 1958041 original

Earrings "Crazy for Copper"


Item collection ca1dafe1 f3a3 4556 ae6f b1f240287d6b

Earrings Red Bronze Leaf


Item collection 99b43a8d 8cf0 4a01 9a6d 52129c342685

Necklace Falling Leaf


Item collection 6866750 original

Swarovski Red Crystal Earrings Circle of Love


Item collection a5f5a06f 2acf 4bcc 816f 6c54c25c5d11

Earrings Copper Violet Leaf


Item collection 5966325 original

Necklace Coffee and Creme with Lampwork Bead and Copper


Item collection 6d6a6710 c6d6 4ffd 9bbf 2f0b70d60289

Necklace Golden Butterfly


Sun Catchers, Jewelry, Crystal Decorations, Earrings, Necklaces, Swarovski

Dancing Rainbows creates Sparkling Sun Catchers and Jewelry using primarily Swarovski crystals.
I love the way Ribbons of Rainbow colors magically dance around the room...I hope you will too.
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