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Earrings Copper and Ice


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Sun Catcher Retro Fall Colors


Item collection 7518b9de 53e5 4b30 a663 8c346ab598a9

Turquoise and Butterfly Necklace


Item collection 68f7768d f568 458a 8e71 71db7a13963c

Copper Butterfly and Swarovski Turquoise Earrings


Item collection 2764798 original

Sun Catcher Sun Flower


Item collection c6642589 db4c 4499 8539 d607353afb1a

Earrings Autumn Leaves


Item collection 048ff42a 20ce 4b2c 88d9 9eb6f48ea3ea

Autumn Sparkle Sun Catcher


Item collection 1958041 original

Earrings "Crazy for Copper"


Item collection ca1dafe1 f3a3 4556 ae6f b1f240287d6b

Earrings Red Bronze Leaf


Item collection 99b43a8d 8cf0 4a01 9a6d 52129c342685

Necklace Falling Leaf


Item collection a5f5a06f 2acf 4bcc 816f 6c54c25c5d11

Earrings Copper Violet Leaf


Item collection 489dee54 1aa9 4b45 bb5b 4f4a1cdd6177

Necklace Copper Penny


Item collection 3818124 original

Earrings - "Trees of Gold"


Item collection 3825814 original

Earrings Golden Trees


Item collection 2007026 original

Sun Catcher ☼"Sparklers"☼ - Orange


Sun Catchers, Jewelry, Crystal Decorations, Earrings, Necklaces, Swarovski

Dancing Rainbows creates Sparkling Sun Catchers and Jewelry using primarily Swarovski crystals.
I love the way Ribbons of Rainbow colors magically dance around the room...I hope you will too.
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