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Sun Catcher Christmas Tree Fun


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Key to my Heart Necklace


Item collection 4023549 original

Crystal Sun Catcher - Endless Rainbow


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Green Iridescent Pearl and Copper Dangle Earrings


Item collection 41b08be5 8460 4266 b326 5ee419290da6

Sun Catcher Snowflake and Ice


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Sun Catcher Cranberries and Holly with Swarovski Crystals


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Sun Catcher Cascade of Stars


Item collection 4f0f0ecb 8073 481e 8e8a 415ef2dd9516

Sun Catcher Sleigh Bells Ring


Item collection 3333616 original

Sun Catcher Poinsettia Flower


Item collection 28a8a96c 21d5 4c50 bfbe 37ff0c833291

Silver Angels and Hearts Earrings


Item collection e10cbb71 030d 46c3 ae70 e66d09875cf8

SnowSanta Necklace


Item collection 0141e124 1603 44cb b2ad ee6922dd2007

Earrings Red and Green Holiday Dots


Item collection 3035098 original

Earrings Christmas Cascade


Item collection 7292784 original

Necklace and Earrings Reach for the Stars


Item collection 1779249 original

Fun Stuff - Christmas Candy


Item collection 6625057 original

Earrings - Santa Baby and Reindeer with Swarovski Crystals


Item collection 3818124 original

Earrings - "Trees of Gold"


Item collection 3825814 original

Earrings Golden Trees


Item collection 3816718 original

Earrings Festive Trees


Item collection 3816685 original

Earrings - "Silver Bells"


Item collection 3818892 original

Earrings - "Christmas Tree"


Item collection 3161314 original

Necklace Pendant - "Red & White Swirl"


Item collection 6458024 original

Necklace Pendant - "Snowman"


Item collection 3155198 original

Necklace Pendant - "Capri Blue"


Item collection 3154153 original

Necklace Pendant - "Green and Red Swirls"


Item collection 3152674 original

Necklace Pendant - "Hidden Treasure"


Item collection 399148d9 989d 49a2 b75a ff36d0901ecf

Sun Catcher - January Birthstone Angel


Item collection 2063793 original

Sun Catcher - May Birthstone Angel


Item collection 2007038 original

Sun Catcher ☼"Sparklers"☼ - Christmas


Item collection 3048706 original

Sun Catcher Mini - ☼Sparkler☼ -"Lime Zest"


Sun Catchers, Jewelry, Crystal Decorations, Earrings, Necklaces, Swarovski

Dancing Rainbows creates Sparkling Sun Catchers and Jewelry using primarily Swarovski crystals.
I love the way Ribbons of Rainbow colors magically dance around the room...I hope you will too.
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Would you like something Special? Please contact me. Together, let's create something just for you...Uniquely You.