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Saguaro Cactus Sun Catcher Green Swarovski Crystals


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Crystal Saguaro Sun Catcher


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Sun Catcher Sun Flower


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Sandals and Sand Dollar Charm Earrings


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Sun Catcher - "Pistachio Ice Cream"


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Sun Catcher "Smooth Sailing"


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Sun Catcher - Butterscotch Candy


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Sun Catcher - "Cotton Candy"


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Necklace Copper Penny


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Sun Catcher - "Cherry Cola"


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Whale Tail Necklace


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Necklace and Earrings "If I Give My Heart To"... (set)


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Purse Jewelry - Tropical


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Zipper Pull - Tee Time


Sun Catchers, Jewelry, Crystal Decorations, Earrings, Necklaces, Swarovski

Dancing Rainbows creates Sparkling Sun Catchers and Jewelry using primarily Swarovski crystals.
I love the way Ribbons of Rainbow colors magically dance around the room...I hope you will too.
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