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Sunken Treasure Necklace by Dancing Rainbows


Item collection 16588d4c dec0 4595 aa15 01938f82122a

Key to my Heart Necklace


Item collection 86f39b34 7e90 459d b364 1507051a383e

Lovebirds Wedding Necklace


Item collection e4d14d84 d319 4faf 8dc3 c874b26da0d9

Necklace Sliding Heart


Item collection 57c483b4 1f9d 4190 9420 dc8521794438

say...I Love You Necklace, Swarovski Red Crystal Heart


Item collection 7518b9de 53e5 4b30 a663 8c346ab598a9

Turquoise and Butterfly Necklace


Item collection 7563953 original

Luna Moth Necklace


Item collection 7493212 original

Coral and Pearl Necklace


Item collection 317f58ba da20 4834 9101 9a9deaf51698

Ever Changing Mood Necklace


Item collection 99b43a8d 8cf0 4a01 9a6d 52129c342685

Necklace Falling Leaf


Item collection 5966325 original

Necklace Coffee and Creme with Lampwork Bead and Copper


Item collection 6d6a6710 c6d6 4ffd 9bbf 2f0b70d60289

Necklace Golden Butterfly


Item collection 489dee54 1aa9 4b45 bb5b 4f4a1cdd6177

Necklace Copper Penny


Item collection 1001fa02 b12f 428d 9a23 e961f128e565

Rainbow Swarovski Necklace Triple Rainbow


Item collection dc56699f b6fe 45d5 8570 43b415cfdbc3

Rainbow Necklace Color Carnival Swarovski


Item collection e10cbb71 030d 46c3 ae70 e66d09875cf8

SnowSanta Necklace


Item collection 5eb0a878 d893 412b 8b2b 823e2d07a424

Necklace Surrounded by Angels


Item collection 01a18e76 fa68 4858 8949 f7c9691f41ba

Crazy for Pinks Swarovski Necklace


Item collection 7504024 original

Whale Tail Necklace


Item collection 7325798 original

Necklace and Earrings "If I Give My Heart To"... (set)


Item collection 7292784 original

Necklace and Earrings Reach for the Stars


Item collection 7007852 original

Necklace and Earrings My Heart Belongs To... (set)


Item collection 3161314 original

Necklace Pendant - "Red & White Swirl"


Item collection 6458024 original

Necklace Pendant - "Snowman"


Item collection 3155198 original

Necklace Pendant - "Capri Blue"


Item collection 3154153 original

Necklace Pendant - "Green and Red Swirls"


Item collection 3152674 original

Necklace Pendant - "Hidden Treasure"


Sun Catchers, Jewelry, Crystal Decorations, Earrings, Necklaces, Swarovski

Dancing Rainbows creates Sparkling Sun Catchers and Jewelry using primarily Swarovski crystals.
I love the way Ribbons of Rainbow colors magically dance around the room...I hope you will too.
Custom Order...
Would you like something Special? Please contact me. Together, let's create something just for you...Uniquely You.